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It is Terminology Tuesday again. This week we are defining what IMEI means and what it means for you.

IMEI is International Mobile Station Equipment Identity – it is a serial number asigned to mobile phones, tablets, mobile hotspots and hubs and some satellite phones. Cell phone companies use these numbers to verify valid devices.

In Canada there is a new registry that lets you see if the device you are purchasing is stolen. The worst case scenario has you buying a phone privately and then going to activate it only to find out its stolen and you can’t use it. You can now go to Protect Your Data and see ahead of time if the phone has been blacklisted.

This will save you a big costly headache.

From the article from the Toronto Star “New Registry Lets You Spot Stolen Phones” by Ellen Roseman, I was astounded at the number of lost or stolen phones in this country

2010          496,000

2011           420,000

2012           263,000 (first nine months)



Its nice to see the numbers are declining. As the article points out and I believe I have shared before   there are many apps available that help you find your phones and at the very least protect your data. Because for my dedicated followers I am a huge advocate for protecting your data.

If you have any suggestions or questions for Terminology Tuesday please feel free to contact us at [email protected] we would love to hear from you.