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How many of us are working remotely? More than ever for sure. It can be challenging working from home. And while I can’t help you with the kids screaming in the back ground or the cat walking over your keyboard and somehow managing to change your language sett ings, I can give you some suggestions for keeping your business computer running well.

  1. Computers do not like dust. So give your home office a regular dusting. And keep a can of air around to blow out particles from the keyboards, the back of the computer or if you are brave enough to take the cover off (only do this if you are confident)
  2. If you work on a laptop, avoid having beverages nearby. Liquid and laptops are not friends. A spilled cup of coffee on a laptop can be catestrophic.
  3. Make sure you back up your data regularly. Your data has far more value than the physical computer. Just think about all the hours you put into your work – what would it feel like let alone cost to replace on that data manually.
  4. Wire management: keep your cords neat and out of the way so you don’t accidently pull something out.
  5. Check for updates on your software and hardware. Staying up to date helps improve the efficiencies of your computer.
  6. When in doubt, ask an expert. It costs nothing to ask about issues that come up.

A regular check up once a year, is a good investment in keeping your computer running at its best.

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