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Cloud Computing for Small Business

Office 365 and Google Workspace Setup in Barrie

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing uses applications and offsite storage services. You access the data or applications via the internet instead of your hard drive.

Some of the more popular cloud based apps for small businesses are Google Apps, SalesForce, Office 360 and DropBox. These are applications/services that your organization can use for email, client relationship management, spreadsheets, word processing or backing up data. We can design a network that can blend traditional network design with cloud based technologies.

Why use a Office 365 setup?

The reasons can vary from business to business but here are some of the key benefits to using cloud technologies:

  • Saves Money
  • Improved Collaboration Tools
  • Increased Productivity/Flexibility
  • Access to data from anywhere you have internet access -anywhere/anytime
  • Offsite data storage

In our business we use Google Apps as apart of our processes everyday. With Google Apps we are able to share and collaborate on documents, manage calendars and contacts. We also back up our data. By taking advantage of a Google Workspace setup we get the benefits without having a large capital outlay for physical infrastructure.

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