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Why do I need a computer tune up?

Computer Maintenance Services in Barrie

Keeping your computers up and running

Regular computer maintenance including a computer tune up will help you save time and money. Computers and laptops need to have regular maintenance by a trained professional so that they run at their peak performance. Over time computers can slow down because they have picked up unnecessary data, possible viruses or they could be missing updates.

A slow computer can lead to a lot of frustration. A regular tune up can not only keep your computer running smoothly but could catch potentially fatal errors before they happen. For instance if your hard drive is starting to fail you might loose all your data.

A computer tune up can be done in person or remotely. Our technicians will run a diagnostic, update and optimize your computer. They will make sure that you have an anti-virus running and up to date. They will also answer any questions you may have.

Don’t be frustrated by a slow computer. Don’t miss important computer maintenance to ensure your antivirus and malware have been updated.

Computer Tune Up

  • 1. Diagnostic
  • 2. Clean Up
  • 3. Anti Virus & Malware
  • 4. Optimize
  • 5. Answer your questions
  • 6. Follow up phone support

“Pete was very helpful in assisting me to get my older home computer system up to date and secure. He patiently walked me through processes and made recommendations. I am delighted with the results and remain problem free. I would not hesitate to recommend PC Service On Site.”

Jan in Toronto

"My Computer is Doing Something Weird... Not Sure What to Do"


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Regular computer maintenance saves money and frustration. Before you have need of a serious computer repair consider having regular computer tune ups for your computers and other technology.

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