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Computer Setup and Installation

Computer Installation Services in Barrie

Because your time means everything

Is it time for a new computer? Not sure what to buy? How do I get all my old information to the new computer? How do I get the computer onto my network? Connect the printer? There is more to a computer setup than you would think, we’re there to help you with all of your computer installation needs.

There is never enough time? You would rather spend time doing what you love than figure out which computer you should buy.

We can help you with all of these questions. We don’t sell computers but we do offer our expert advice and find you the right computer in your budget.

Computer Set Up Service

  1. Find you the right computer within your budget
  2. Update the new computer. (computers are not ready to go straight out of the box – it takes between 2 to 5 hours to install all the updates and software requirements)
  3. Deliver and connect it to your network and printers and other peripherals
  4. Install Anti Virus and remove unwanted programs and trialware
  5. Recommend back up solutions
  6. Transfer over your data from your old computer
  7. Set up default web browser, homepage and favourites
  8. Set up email
  9. Show you the features of the new computer and answer any questions
  10. 30 Day phone support

Once your computer setup and computer installation process is complete you will be ready to go, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us. We offer phone support on a new computer set up for 30 days.

Buying a new computer

7 things to consider before you buy

“Peter was punctual and very accommodating on time. He was professional all the way explaining everything that he was doing. Also he said he I could call him anytime if I had any questions. He really knows his stuff and is very patient and kind. Very much appreciated.”

William Faith

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