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Hey everyone, Starlink (Elon Musk) has started Beta testing his Starlink internet service here in Canada. They are offering high speed internet with low latency so that you can actually watch videos, or participate in a video confernece call without seeing unstable internet and freezing in place.

So I will tell you it is got an expensive upfront cost for the hardware of around $800. Apparently it is super easy to set up yourself. And the monthly’s will be $129 per month.

What does that give you? How about download speeds reported at 143 mbs and an upload of 18 mbs. Those are impressive speeds anywhere but in rural areas it is amazing. Ask anyone who has explorernet what a difference this will make.

So if you are interested, head over to Starlink’s website and sign up for the Beta. We have a client who just did it. He is expected to get his hardware by June/July.