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When you own a small business you make choices that you hope are best in that moment. Sometimes that decision can lead to unforseen consequences longer term.
Money is always a consideration but we have run into situations where short term savings end up costing exponentially more longer term.
This often comes to investing in software that is industry specific. Your company is using software that you have had forever. You made the choice not to upgrade or switch to new software that is better suited to today’s world.
You are doing all the right things as far as you know. Even backing up your data. But then you have a catestrophic hard drive failure. And while you can recover the data, the software cannot be recovered.
What’s worse the software you are using is now obsolete and you can’t find the software to even try and load it on to your new computer. You have painted yourself into a corner. And it feels awful. It feels overwhelming. The hours of work ahead of you have you paralyzed.
And I wish I could say I can fix it but I can’t.
But I offer this advice in the here and the now when everything is ok. Update your software regularly. If you find out that your software is going to be discontinued find out your options now and not when it is too late.
Software can be very expensive. It can be a tough pill to swallow when you are trying to manage your cash to run your business. What I like to recommend is to budget for software and hardware upgrades. I also put aside a small amount of money each week/month into a separate account that is there for you when you need to make these changes.
So if you rely on a very specific piece of software that is unique to your industry be aware and think both short term and longer term.
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.