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Happy Holidays

I guess this is really an introduction for our readers as well as an update for those who already know me. My name is Meredith Skinner and my husb and and I work together in our business PC Service On Site. I have been working in the back office of the business for the last year and I am the primary content provider for our blog.

A year ago, I left a management position that I held for 15 years with a small business that was involved in the environmental sector.  I took the last year to decide what I wanted to do from a career perspective. During this time I had the opportunity to work with Pete on his business , PC Service On Site, doing sales and marketing and I have been having a blast.

As you may know Pete’s business traditionally has focused on being families’ or small-to-medium sized businesses’ own “IT Help Desk”. Over the past several years Pete has also been working closely with Rogers, and PC Service On Site has now exp anded its relationship with Rogers to be able to offer individuals and SMEs products and services from Rogers. This way PC Service On Site can truly be a one stop shop for any wireless, cable, and IT needs.

I am taking the lead here and can be your personal concierge for all of your wireless, cable and internet requirements!

If you are thinking of getting some new equipment, or if you just want to be able to have ONE person to speak to with respect to any of your Rogers needs, please contact me and I will be really happy to help. Although we just started this new venture, we have been able to help many people reduce the fees they are paying to Rogers and find the most cost effective solutions for them.

Additionally, I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this e-mail to anyone you might know that would be benefit from a “Rogers Concierge” or requires any IT technical expertise from PC Service On Site.