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ransomwareRansomware: Malicious software used to extort money from you

We had a call this week from a family who ended up with an infected computer with a type of ransomware. And for so many dollars paid it Bitcoin they offered to return their data. The family did not have a back up system in place. So pictures, school assignments, music and documents were now locked down by the ransomware.

There are some fixes to some of the ranswomware out there but there are no guarantees you can fix it or if you pay the money you will get back your data.

So how did it happen. Someone received an email that looked legit and clicked on a link. Its that easy. So when in doubt don’t click.

What can you do to prevent getting Ransomeware

  1. If you aren’t sure don’t click on a link in an email
  2. Keep you anti virus up to date (although no guarantees)
  3. Make sure Windows is up to date

But if it happens the best defense is to have cloud based back up. This way if it happens you can choose to reinstall Windows and then download your clean data from your back up.