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Have you ever been involved in a conversation with two or more tech people and its like they are speaking a foreign language? They throw around words and acronyms that just sound like gibberish. It can be tough to follow along and sometimes even harder to say I don’t underst and.

What prompted this blog piece was a tutorial I put together for an executive in the financial industry who wanted a better underst anding of online terminology and marketing. More and more companies are using social media as a business tool and if you are not tech savvy this can be a hurdle to furthering your career.

It would be hard to take advantage of these online opportunities if you don’t even know where to begin or don’t even underst and the language.

I promise you taking it slowly and step by step you can learn to underst and and utilize these tools.

Some of the questions my client sent were simple but great questions that led to great conversations about how and why do we use the tools.

Some of the questions included:

What is a cookie?

What is a cpu cache?

How do I participate in discussions on LinkedIn?

What is private on the internet? And of course if you have ever read my pieces or followed me on twitter you know I don’t believe anything is private on the net.

These are great questions. And a wonderful professor taught me if one person has these questions so do others. So don’t be afraid to ask. Knowledge is power.


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