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hard drive, computer repairs Barrie, computer repairs Toronto, what do I do with my old computerSo your computer has come to its end. It has given you everything it can but its time to move on and get a new computer. But before you get rid of the old computer its important to remember it stores a lot of information on it that the bad guys might just love to get their hands on.

Because you are tech savvy you already back your data up regularly and are ready to transfer a copy to the new computer. However if you haven’t backed up its absolutely vital that you back up the old computer and set up a back up system for the new computer. Once that is in place you can make plans to get rid of the old computer.

First off NEVER put your computer into the garbage. Computers should never ever end up in a landfill. You can drop it off at a recycling depot or donate it.

But before you do that you need to get the data off the computer. You can scrub each file individually (time consuming and not perfect.) Securely wipe the hard drive. Remove the hard drive and store it. Or you can physically destroy the hard drive by drilling through it several times.

We love to get older computers that are still in working order. We take them clean them up and then donate them to local families and charities in need. We will also pick up your old dead computers and make sure they are properly recycled.  We securely wipe the hard drives of computers that we donate and destroy the hard drives of the computers recycled.