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And now for something a tad different for this blog, a movie review.  I love going to the movies. The whole experience of sitting in a theatre eating popcorn and sipping a large diet Coke while watching a story come to life in front of me always has the potential to be a great time. I wish it happened more often than not but who are we kidding most movies are crap.

I am pleased to report that The Social Network was not crap. In fact it was fast paced, fun, well acted and thoroughly enjoyable.

The movie was number one again this weekend and our 4pm show was almost completely full.

I don’t care if it even comes close to accurately portraying the real life people it portrays. What makes this movie is the dialogue. The movie is written by Aaron Sorkin. He wrote my all time favorite and under appreciated tv show, Sports Night and that little show The West Wing. The language comes at you fast. Its smart and witty and the actors h andle the delivery naturally like they have been drinking caffeinated drinks for 24 hours straight.

I did go into the movie expecting to see Mark Zuckerberg’s character skewered.  Did he steal the idea for Facebook? Is he really that socially awkward? Is he arrogant? Is he a jerk? I have no idea about the real person. The character in the movie is most definitely all of the above but I found myself having empathy for him.  Jessie Eisenberg is truly wonderful in the role as Mark Zuckerberg. I chose to believe based on his performance that he  is clueless when it comes to people.

That being said this movie is less about the characters and is really about how fast an idea can move. There is no time to reflect on the potential consequences. The momentum of creating something and getting it out there just because you can overrides any thoughts of should you.  In technology is appears to be about who gets there first not about how they got there. And sometimes the how can cost you friends and a lot of money.

As Mark’s ex girlfriend points out “the internet is written in ink, not pencil”.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

Meredith Skinner