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Should I have a home network? Actually maybe the questions what is a network and does it have any benefits for my home?

Basically a network is a way for your computers and other technology to communicate and interact with each other in an efficient manner.

By having a home network you can take advantage of this communication. You are sitting in the kitchen with your laptop and find this really great new recipe. So you click print and the printer upstairs zips off a copy for you. It saved you from dragging the computer upstairs, plugging in the printer and then printing.

A network allows you to file share. You can share music, photos, documents and you can back up your important files on another computer on the system.

A network allows you to be on the internet wirelessly. So all the computers can connect with out having to have multiple internet accounts.

The latest in greatest entertainment game consoles and DVRs can be connected to the network. Get online and game through your favourite console.

And from a purely aesthetics view – fewer wires dangling

Each day technology moves forward and wireless technology is apart of this evolution. Enabling a home network will allow you to access these technologies and benefit from their full potential.