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Because I love to shop online, it is really important to shop safely online. Online shopping is fast and easy but is it safe? Well yes it is if you keep these tips in mind.

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  1. Know who you are shopping with. Use trusted sites. And look for the https: at the beginning of the URL and or the padlock symbol
  3. If you are setting up accounts that save your information create strong passwords. Your kid’s birthday or your dog’s name doesn’t cut it.
  4. Use a credit card wherever possible as they over the best consumer protection against fraud
  5. Check your statement regularly to catch transactions that are wrong or fraudulent.
  6. Review the company’s privacy policy if you are concerned about your personal information being sold.
  7.  NEVER send your credit card information via email, private message or any other insecure form of communication.

If we keep these tips in mind when shopping online, then you are set up to shop online safely. Knowlege is power so if you have any questions that please contact us at [email protected] . To learn more about us you can check out our 120+ reviews at HomeStars.