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Hey sometimes we get it wrong…. but we will work to make it right.

We have been working with a senior client for several years, helping him with his laptop. Well the laptop gave up and it was time for a new computer. We talked about what he liked and disliked about the laptop, how he was using it and what he was hoping the new computer would be able to help him.

We learned that he never moved the laptop. His eyesight had been deteriorating. So we suggested a new desktop computer with a large monitor, a wireless monitor and mouse.

We knew his budget. We knew the configuration of his home office. And off we went to find him a new desktop computer and accessories.

We set it up and then we learned two important facts. Our client had never used a mouse before. He always had used a track pad. The second thing was that with his bifocals he found using the larger screen he was constantly having to move his head up and down.

This set up was just not working. We got it wrong. But that is ok. Because we took back all the equipment immediately and we went out and got him the perfect laptop for his needs. We set it up and he was thrilled.

We have no problem taking responsibility for our actions and always work to make it right. This is one of the reasons we are a #bestofwinner with Homestars