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Office Set Up: Planning makes it easier

Whether you are opening up your first office space, setting up a home office or moving from an old space to a new space there are several things you need to think about and plan for in order to have a successful office set up. office set up, pc service on site, computer repair Barrie, computer repair Toronto

We have put there together a planning outline for you to help you with your new office set up.

  1.  Call internet provider and book an appointment for the installation. Give yourself at least a two week lead time.
  2. Create a “blueprint” of your space. Identify where your furniture will be located and identify all the electrical and communication outlet locations. You don’t want to find out your desk is no where near an electrical outlet.
  3. Inventory your current technology:
    1. laptops
    2. desktops
    3. software
    4. printers and scanners
    5. routers
    6. smart phones
    7. business phones
    8. security cameras
  4. Identify missing or wanted technology needs. Do you need to update any of your current technology.
  5. Label existing hardware with the name and new office location for easy identification
  6. Have your “computer guy” scout the location before your moving day so that a set up plan can be created for easy execution
  7. And always have a budget in mind for your move. Knowing how much money you have will help you make good business decisions and help you plan for the future.

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