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Hard drhard drive failure, hard drive, computer repair, laptop repairive failure happens a lot. Hard drives are the heart and soul of our computers. They store are most important and not so important data. And you would think given a name that includes hard that they would be tough. But not so much. That is why it is so important to have a back up system in place.

So why do the fail? Well the hardware itself can fail because it gets dropped or knocked around. Or it can be a software or logic issue.

We store a lot of information on our hard drives. So what if the hard ware is damaged. It makes it that much more difficult to retrieve the information ( and maybe not at all). Data retrieval in this case is expensive. Experts require clean rooms and time to try and retrieve the information.

If you are lucky you will get your pictures, documents, music and video. They cannot recover software. So please remember when you buy,  download and install software to save the license code in a safe place otherwise you may have to buy new software. And older software even with the code may not run on newer systems.

If the hard drive is ok but something else in the computer has failed we can take out the hard drive and put it into one of our chassis and retrieve the data.

But the only sure fire way to make sure you get your data is to have a back up system. You can use thumb drives, external hard drives (similar issues) or cloud based technology. To learn more give us a shout we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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