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In the past couple of days the topic of asking for help has come up several times. For small business owners that can be one of the hardest things to do. We seem to have an expectation that we need to be able to do everything ourselves. And yet if someone came to us to ask for help in our area of strength and expertise and we would be happy to help.

As small business owners we are always looking at the bottom line. What is it going to cost? And it is a fair question. But an even better question to ask is what is it going to cost if I don’t ask for help?

So I happen to have a finance background and I h andle all of our bookkeeping and administrative needs. I could do our taxes. I have enough knowledge and experience to muddle through each year but the truth of the matter is that it would take me three times as long as our accountant. My time (as all entrepreneurs’ time) has a real value. So we got the help we needed. We found an accountant who I could work with well. And yes it costs money but it costs far less to pay him then it would be to have me take three times as long to accomplish the same task. Now my time is freed up to h andle other priorities and have fun.

Part of running a business is to recognize when and where you might need some extra help. And don’t forget to consider the value of your time.