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I am so pissed. A senior got taken by a computer virus scam. Last Thursday we were coming out of the movies when I got a voicemail alert. A client was having issues with viruses and she had called a number from a pop up warning, given them her credit card information and access to her computer. They were in fact still on her computer when I reached her.

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I was so angry for this lady. She was a senior who got scared by the pop up warning and they took advantage of her. They changed the password to access her computer, likely sold her credit card information, charged her $500 for the privilege and likely scraped off all her data. These computer virus scams are everywhere.

The number of calls we are receiving is becoming alarming. They call pretending to be from Microsoft or a pop up comes up on the computer warning that if they don’t call now there computer will fail and all their data will be gone.

Microsoft will NEVER call contact you about computer viruses.

How does the computer virus scam work?

These scams will direct you to a website showing the “company” that they are calling from to give them legitimacy. More often than not these scams are run out of India or China. ¬†They will ask you for access to your computer using remote access software. Once this happens they will change or add a new password to your computer. More often than not they will also put tracking software on your computer.

They will then ask you for your credit card information. They will ask for $200 to $700. If you give them your credit card number they will then resell that number. Your card is now compromised.

They will very likely scrape off any data that they can use.


Don’t get taken by a computer virus scam

  1. Hang up if you get an unsolicited phone call claiming to be from Microsoft
  2. If you get a pop up or a web page saying you have a virus and to call a number close down your browser. If it won’t close down, restart your computer.
  3. When in doubt call and ask us for help.