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Buying a new computer can be a head scratcher. And there are better times in the year to buy. And now is one of them. The commercials have started for back to school. And often on the list is a new computer. And yes there are some deals out there. But buyer beware. Do your research ahead of time because not all deals are deals.

  1. How much are you willing to spend?
  2. What are the basic requirements you need for the computer?
  3. Laptop or desktop?
  4. What bells and whistles would you like to have?

When we work with our clients to find a new computer, we ask questions just like above to figure out what you need and what your would really like to have and then we search for the right computer with in your budget. Buying a new computer can be overwhelming.

I will recommend avoiding buying from a big box store. A specialty computer store like Canada Computers is a better place to shop. And check out online reviews. Or you can hire us to to do the shopping for you. We offer this service with delivery and set up. To learn more click here.

And what about PC vs Apple? Well that is a great question. Apples tend to be more expensive. They are will built computers and lets face it they are pretty. And they have their place but don’t buy an Apple because of the brand alone. PC’s can do most everything an Apple can and they tend to be less expensive. But no matter which direction you decide to go, stick with your budget and find a computer that meets your needs and as many of the bells and whistles you can find.

And when in doubt give us a call. There are no stupid questions and we are here to help.

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