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Well it is almost upon us. Black Friday – the kick off to the Christmas shopping season. The sales can be crazy, fun and you can find deals.

So we thought we would give you some tips for shopping the sales for computers and components.

1. Know your pricing ahead of time. Sometimes a sale is not really not a sale
2. The really discounted products will have very limited supply
3. Avoid impulse purchases. Go in with a plan.
4. Know the specifics of what you want ahead of time. Sales help may be limited.
5. Dress comfortably and travel light. You may be in line ups longer than you are used to.
6. Know what the return policy is.
7. Don’t be up sold on Extended Warranties or software installations (MS Office and Virus software is very easy to install yourself)

Now the items you are most likely to see on sale are components like SD Cards, external hard drives, memory, & USB storage. There will be limits on quantities.

There will be computers on sale and again know your prices ahead of time. Cross check pricing with Canada Computers, Best Buy, Staples, NCIX and other trusted retailers.

Now you should know we don’t sell computers or components. We really believe that each person or business is unique and one size does not fit all. If you would like a more information about what computer to buy then just shoot us an email [email protected] or give us a call.