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two stepI have absolutely written on this subject before but it was in my news feed this morning about a woman who’s Amazon account got hacked. GMA had Robert Herjavec talking about ways to protect yourself starting with 2-Step Verification

Basically what happens is you set it up that if you access your email, social media, website etc you will have to not only provide your id and password but also a code that is generated and shows up on your smartphone before you can gain access to your account.

With Gmail I get a text message with the code. But there are rumblings that text messaging may not be an option in the future. So than you can use Google Authenticator which is an app that will generate a code for you.

I firmly believe why make it easy for the bad guys. I can’t guarantee they won’t be able to get past this hurdle but it won’t hurt you to have it.

For a more detailed look check out this article from