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My Blackberry, an 8520, is not even a year old and I noticed that the battery was not holding a charge for longer than half a day. So I called for help. Turns out I wasn’t closing the applications correctly and so I had too many apps running all the time in the background which was draining the battery.

I had been using the Return Button or the Off Button to exit an application. This does not close an application correctly and it leaves apps open and running in the back ground. To close an app correctly, select the Blackberry button to the left of the scroll pad or ball, scroll down and choose close.

To see what apps are running, go to the home screen on your Blackberry and click the Blackberry button to the left of the scroll pad or ball. Scroll down to Switch Application and click. All the applications you are currently running with then show up in an horizontal list. Choose the app you don’t want to be currently running and then hit the Blackberry button and scroll down to close and click.

The other option is to remove your battery from the device and then put it back in and this should remove the apps you don’t need running all the time. In my case it was Facebook, Poker, Google Maps, and Pictures.

You can also improve battery life by making sure your Bluetooth and WiFi connections are only on when you need them. You can turn those features on and off in the Manage Connections app.