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I had a client the other day ask me if it was possible to have a unique ring  tone for certain clients.

First you need to check which operating system your BlackBerry is running. In order to have this feature you must have version 5.0 or higher. I had to update my 8520 Curve from 4.0 to 5.o this afternoon.

So go to the options icon (the picture of the wrench) and click on about. This will tell you which version you are running. If you are on an older version than 5 you will need to upgrade your operating system. Make sure you back up your BB before you begin.

To update your BlackBerry connect the device to your computer and the BlackBerry Manager should come up. It will let you know if there are any updates for your device. Follow the prompts to update your operating system.

Once you have updated your device or if you are already on the latest operating system for your device go to your contacts. Select the contact that you wish to apply a unique ring tone. Click on the BlackBerry button and choose edit. You will see Custom Ring Tones/Alerts section on the edit page. Click on phone or messages depending on what you want to customize. Than click on ring tone and scroll through the selection available and choose the one you wish to assign to the contact. You can even choose music from your media centre. Click on Try it to see if you like your choice. If you are happy with your choice than click on the BlackBerry button and choose save. And you are done.