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It is Terminology Tuesday again. Funny it seems to happen about once a week. Ok now that you have officially rolled your eyes at me, this weeks terminology relates to upload and download.

So lets start with to upload. Essentially it is the transfer or movement of data from your computer (internet enabled hardware) to an outside source ie the cloud or a server where the data will be stored.

So as you have probably guessed to download is to transfer data from an outside source onto your computer. You can download email, pictures, movies, software – you get the idea.

And the next question then is what do they mean my upload and download speeds. Download speed is how fast your computer can transfer the data from the ouside network and upload speed is how fast you can push it out. Typically our internet has faster download speeds than upload speeds because the average user tends to download more than upload. That being said with the emergence of VOIP systems (voice over IP) for telephone the need for faster uploads is gaining momentum. Companies such as architecture firms who have large graphic files that the need to send out for printing etc also need faster upload speeds. Businesses just don’t have time to wait to send a large document.

If you have any ideas for Terminology Tuesday feel free to give me a shout at [email protected]

Have a great week everyone.

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