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Email can be a glorious and useful communication tool. But how many of you just dread opening your inbox to discover yet another unsolicited email. Just because you got a hold of my contact information either directly or indirectly, it does not mean that I want to get inundated with marketing and sales pitches.

This morning I was reading the news and came across this article in the Globe and Mail Tired of unsolicited spam? Relief is on the way It was a timely email as I had just opened my inbox to discover another unwanted email. And to add insult to injury when I click on unsubscribe it tells me I am not subscribed and yet……. (insert growl).

Well starting July 2014 you had better have intentional consent to those you wish to send out mass emails to. Now there is nothing wrong with this type of marketing as long as it is wanted. It is the equivalent of the phone marketer who calls right at dinner time. Didn’t ask for it and don’t appreciate the interruption in my life.

So if you want to use this marketing technique going forward make sure that you have consent and that you maintain this information in your files. Make sure you have a working unsubscribe link. It is really about respect for your client or potential client base. Plus don’t you want to reach people who want to be reached versus annoying those who will just end up with a bad taste in their mouth and will likely share this with others.

I recommend reading the Globe and Mail article and if you do this type of marketing make sure you underst and the ins and outs of the law and start keeping really great records.