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It is amazing to me how I just expect to be able to get internet access wherever I am. But what happens when I can’t get online but I really need to access something on the net. Well I can tether my blackberry to my laptop and I am off to the races.

I wouldn’t do this as a my primary internet access. The data charges are likely more expensive that a dedicated internet account. The data will be charged as per your wireless agreement for your Blackberry. But in a pinch it is an easy solution.

First you have to download the latest Blackberry Desktop Manager.
Then tether the Blackberry to your computer. This requires the micro USB connector.
Choose IP Modem from the menu selection.
Choose your wireless provider under the Connections Settings
Choose connect to the internet
Now you can surf away.

Just remember that the data charges are based on your agreement with your provider for you Blackberry.