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Can you feel the excitement building? How many times has a little one in your family asked how many more sleeps til Santa comes? The anticipation is building in the adults too. You have picked out the perfect gift. Bar none it is the coolest tech gift going. You can picture your loved one ripping into the wrapping paper and finding a new smartphone, laptop, gaming console or other tech gadget. And then the frown of frustration when they realize that the device hasn’t been charged, the laptop hasn’t been set up, a USB cable is missing or the darned batteries (cause you know they don’t ever seem to be included)

Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included

So this is just a friendly reminder to make sure everything is ready to go.

If you have picked out a SmartPhone then make sure that they device is fully charged before you wrap it up. And since smartphones do not bounce, add a great cool bumper like an Otter Box. Most smartphones come with USB charges and adapters. Make sure this one does too.

The new laptop you picked up looks great but right out of the box it will need to have significant OS updates applied plus the addition of programs such as Adobe Reader and Flash, Java and a really good anti-virus program plus all the other programs your loved one will need. We recommend setting up the computer so that it is ready to go and be used immediately. If they use it without getting the updates etc the computer will not work nearly as well as it should. And if they have to wait to use it that might take some of the fun out of the present.

Check to see if the gadgets need batteries and either add them to the present or just have them in the house so they can be played with right away. Some how not having batteries is a great source of stress. And who needs that when we are celebrating and enjoying our families.

Wishing you and yours the very best of the season. And have fun with all those great techie gadgets.