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So who is a typical client for us? Well they can come from all walks of life. Today I thought I would give you a case study about how we help accountants.

Well it is spring time and that means it is tax time. Inevitably, we get panicked calls from accountants who are having computer issues just as they are hitting some serious deadlines. These calls can be as simple as the computer is running slow to far more serious issues like the computer won’t turn on, the blue screen of death and more. These calls are very time sensitive. The accountants’ clients expect their tax information prepared and ready well before the governments deadlines. So when a business computer goes down and deadlines are looming – well it is not a happy time for the accountant.

Last Friday, we received one of those calls. The computer had died. We were able to be on site within four hours of the call. The client had already ordered a new computer but it wasn’t arriving until next week. The old computer wasn’t worth fixing. So what did we do. We recovered the data off the hard drive and then installed it on to a computer that we loaned the client for the weekend. To be honest we can’t always lend a computer as we only have so many. But in this case we were able to offer this solution. Our client was able to keep working and when his new computer arrived. When his new computer arrived, we updated and set it up and then we transferred the data onto the new computer. The accountant’s downtime was minimized and didn’t impact his clients.

So what should an accountant with a small practice think about when it comes to preventative care for their computers and data.

  1. Back up your data regularly
  2. Regular computer tune ups – twice a year would be ideal
  3. Make sure your software is up to date
  4. Ask for help when in doubt.

PC Service On Site is a small business that works with other small businesses. Not only do we help you with your computer needs but we see the relationship as a collaborative experience. So if we can help in other ways or learn from our clients all the better.