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So you signed up with one of an internet provider like Bell or Rogers and you set up your email @ It was great. It worked. And then you decided to change providers. Well there goes that email address. You are moving but will be with out internet from your provider while you move. Well there goes that email address.

The solution is not to use your internet providers email but to choose a cloud based email provider such as Google, Yahoo, or even Hotmail (but as you know Hotmail has issues with spam and hacking).

We use Google to host our email. So when you email me at [email protected] it is a gmail account. I can access it from anywhere and if I choose to change my internet provider or something else changes, my email is mine and I can see it when I want to see it. It does not change.

We just had a client who was in the situation where he moved and the timing meant that he had to cancel and restart his internet account. He was surprised to learn he was going to lose his email and it was corporate policy. To make matters worse the customer service representative was clearly having a bad day. As you can well imagine, he was non too pleased.

So save yourself some grief and don’t have your email hosted by your internet provider.

Who Is Hosting Your Email?