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“Why is my computer so slow”  You are not alone in this complaint. There are lots of reasons for why your computer may slow down but here are some to the top reasons:

  1. Age of the computer
  2. Malware or computer virus
  3. You need to update Windows and your drivers
  4. Bloatware

in home computer repair Toronto, Computer repair Toronto, slow computerSo what can you do about it? To help improve the performance of a slow computer here are some DIY tips:

  • Update and run Malwarebytes and your Anti Virus Software
  • Remove unwanted software using your Uninstall tool in your control panel
  • Update Windows
  • Delete temporary files

This past year we replaced my hard drive with a solid state hard drive. This upgrade made a huge difference in the performance of my computer. And for about $100 for the hard drive this was a good investment in a 5 year old computer. The average life expectancy of today’s computers is between 4 and 6 years.

You can also consider starting fresh by reimaging your computer – so its like the day you bought it. This is a fairly big decision. There should be more going on than your computer is a little slow. It is best to get an experts opinion on this option. And of course please back up all your data before you start anything.

A computer tune up is a great maintenance tool to use to keep your computer working at its peak. In the same way that we get our furnaces checked every year or our cars every 6000 km having your computer in for a tune up is a great way to keep it performing as you need it.