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We work with a lot of small businesses who are awesome at what they do but when it comes to technology its like a dark void of what next. And I get it there is only so much we can really truly understand and be experts in and then we need to seek advise.

There may be multiple reasons why you need to upgrade your business computer and systems. So I think you need to consider the following:

  1. How is your current system working with your business. Is it keeping up with the changes in your needs or is it hurting your productivity?
  2. Is you business growing rapidly? Dramatic changes to your work environment can affect your business technology. This can be from hiring several new people, to having more people on the road or even addition a second location.
  3. Changes in how you work with your clients can also push for a change such as security. Clients may require you to have increased security in place in order to conduct business.
  4. There was a major update in a key piece of software and your computer no longer meets the basic requirements to run the software effectively.

And in fact I am sure I could go on listing all sorts of reasons why changes are needed.

But before you rush out and get the latest and greatest, I highly recommend you speak with a computer specialist. A good computer IT person will come in and really analyze your business and its technology needs. They will ask you questions from what is working to what are your key pain points.

If you think these issues are coming up for you and you think it may be time to update your technology, we will work with your every step of the way. Give us a call today at 416-904-4873 or 705-300-4350 and we can get started together.

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