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Scam/Hoax Email

Its been awhile since I have heard anything about this con but I got an email this morning from a person with a Rogers email. The title of the email is “Sad News…..(I Need Your Help).

It goes on to explain that she had an emergency trip to Spain and didn’t have time to let me know and now she has lost all her ID and money and would I be kind enough to wire her money to pay for the hotel and a flight home. I will get a REFUND as soon as she is back home. This was send out to an undisclosed recipient list.

I cannot stress this enough. Even if you think you know the person sending the email do not send money. It is a con plain and simple.

Someone it truly dire straights would have better recourse working with Embassy and the Police.

If you still are worried than call someone who knows the email sender and find out what they know.

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