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computer problems, Toronto, Barrie, PC Service On Site, reimage my computerSometimes questions come in waves and so last week it was about reimaging computers. Several of the calls revolved around people receiving advice that they should reimage the computer because of computer viruses. That is like cutting your hair with pruning shears. Extreme. That is not to say it might not be the solution in the end but your computer would have to be so severely infected….So “Should I reimage my computer?”

So what is reimaging? It is essentially taking your computer back in time like it was fresh out of the box. The computer is wiped clean and than the operating system, default applications, drivers are reinstalled fresh. Then updates to the operating system would be applied and your data would be reinstalled. Before any reimaging -DATA MUST BE BACKED UP.

Why Should I Reimage My Computer?

  1. The operating system has become irrevocably corrupted
  2. The computer is older (4-6 years), running very slow and glitching badly. This can extend the working life of the computer.
  3. Other computer software problems are affecting its performance
  4. Your computer has become so over run with computer viruses that typical virus removal solutions are not viable. This happens rarely.

This is not a go to solution for computer viruses.

So the answer to “Should I reimage my computer?” is depends. So please don’t hesitate to send us you questions.