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 It is so easy to disregard the value of the data on our smartphones. We forget how powerful a tool smartphones have become. Mine is essentially a key element in my mobile office. I can access contacts, calendar appointments, documents and more. Now what would happen if I accidentally left it behind at the local coffee shop. It would not be good but it would not be devastating because I have taken three key steps to protecting the data on my phone and the access to my information on the cloud.

So here are the three things you should do today to protect your data.

1. Password protect your smartphone.

2. Enable the application that allows you to remote wipe the information on your smartphone. This also means that you should regularly back up your data.

3. Use an app like Find My Phone. These apps are available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. If you lucky you really left it in your car or on your desk.

Password Protect Your Smartphone