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So today’s gift idea doesn’t look like much but its really cool. The Eye-Fi memory card. What makes this memory card unique is that it has WiFi built in. So that means you can connect your camera to your smartphone, tablet, computer or your media centre. Whenever your computer is turned on any picture you take will automatically upload to your preferred device when you are on your own protected network or any open network. Once the pictures have been uploaded, space is freed up on the memory card so you can take more pictures.

So imagine you have the Eye-Fi connected to your media centre. (Check out our previous post on making your TV Smart). Its New Year’s Eve and you are hosting a party. Get the TV up and running showing a slideshow of pictures from the year past. Have the camera available with the Eye-Fi memory card and let people take pictures throughout the night. As each new picture is taken it gets added to the slideshow. Enjoy the new pictures at the party and again whenever you want. Might be fun to see the silliness that ensues.

I would say this is a great gift for people who love to travel and  to take a lot of pictures and don’t want to carry around multiple memory cards. It is also great for the technically challenged and just don’t feel comfortable uploaded their pictures manually.

Memory with WiFi

You can find out where to buy the Eye Fi at the following link.