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As small business owners we are always looking to be productive and save money. And technology from our computers to our smart phones are supposed to be a way to improve productivity. And they absolutely can….. and then things change and your tech can be a hindrance to your productivity and cost you a lot of money.

So what are the signs that your technology is hurting your productivity

  • day to day processes take more time than they did a year ago
  • email has become unwieldy and takes more time to sort and find than to read and respond
  • the battery life on the laptop is now an hour or less
  • the back up system consists of a USB memory key that is stashed in a drawer

So when do you decide that you need to upgrade your hardware and systems or just do some regular maintenance?

Computers today have a life expectancy of between 3-6 years. Its not long at all. To maximize the life of your computer:

  1. Schedule regular computer tune ups
  2. Keep your business computer separate from the family computer
  3. Check for updates
  4. Be aware of phishing scams – if in doubt don’t click on a suspicious link

As your computer ages to around 3 or 4 years you can do a couple of things to extend its life:

  1. Reinstall your operating system – its like setting the computer back to day one – MAKE SURE YOUR DATA IS BACKED UP
  2. Install a solid state hard drive. They run cooler and will make the computer run faster. They do tend to have smaller storage capacity so keep that it mind.
  3. Buy a new battery for your laptop – batteries tend to loose their charge over time faster and faster.

So when do you invest in new hardware or systems?

The answer to this is all about the cost/benefit analysis. What will lost productivity cost your business?

As a very simple example:

1 employee who is paid $20/hour

Productivity lost per day is 1 hour

In one week alone just looking at the hourly rate the cost to your business is $100. Over the course of one quarter of business that cost is $1200 and in a year that is $4800.

This doesn’t even take into account the opportunity costs of having the one employee down for an hour.

As small business owners we have to make choices. When it comes to technology we are here to help you make the right choice for your business. So give us a call. We want to help you succeed.

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