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Are you going on vacation outside of Canada? Maybe its Business. As many of us have found out after the fact, roaming charges are outrageous.

Rogers offers several Voice and Data Travel Packs that you can add to your phone. And you don’t even have to call into Rogers you can do it yourself.

You can go online and login to your Rogers account and make changes there or you can do it from your phone.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Find the icon My Account on your phone. On my BlackBerry it looks like the outline of a person with a red i symbol
  2. Click on this icon – it is the Rogers App to help you with managing your account
  3. Click on Continue
  4. From the Red Menu bar choose My Account
  5. Scroll Down and under My Services choose Manage Subscriptions
  6. Under Add Subscription Click on Travel Packs
  7. There are three choices Voice, Data, and Text Messaging – pick the option you want (if you want both voice and data you will have to do them separately)
  8. The next page will give you your options ie US Travel Packs, European etc. Pick the one that suits your needs
  9. The next screen will provide levels of service. The more you prepay the less expensive the roaming charges. Pick the travel pack and save. And you are done.

If for instance you choose the 70 minute voice plan for $40, your average cost per minute will be $0.57 per minute for usage of 70 minutes or greater.

These plans are good for 30 days from activation. They are a good way to mitigate costs.

If you can’t access it from your phone or the web then you can always call 1-888-ROGERS-1

If you are a frequent traveler to the States on business there are business travel packs that might be better suited to you.