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Got poor cell coverage in your house? We have a solution for that!

I have an old house and sometimes my cell phone does not work well throughout the house. I know many of my customers especially those in Muskoka experience the same problems. We have recently dropped our l and line and are only using our cell phones.

I was considering putting a signal booster in the house but found the costs were too high. Me being the frugal technology guy that I am, I began looking at alternative cost effective solutions. I found one! DECT Bluetooth phones. These are st andard cordless phones that can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled smart phone. Find out in your house where the best cell phone signal is. If possible, plug the base station for your cordless DECT Bluetooth phone nearby. After pairing the phone, you can use the portable h andsets to make calls from your cell phone. When the phone rings, its rings through on all h andsets so you are not a slave to just one cell phone anymore! You can pair up to 2 cell phones as well as upload your contact lists as well. Should you have a l and line, you can plug it in as well.

Be aware, only one line can be used at a time. Most of these phones can be paired to a maximum of 2 phones simultaneously. When you answer a call that comes through on your cell it can take a second or two to establish the Bluetooth connection, just like with a wireless headset.

I am considering getting the Rogers WiFi calling so we can get unlimited calling from our house for $10 a month. Rogers WiFi calling is when you’re smart phone connects to your wireless router and makes VOIP calling over your internet connection.

If you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.