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So you have made the decision you want to start your own business. It is very important to have the right technology in place in order to conduct business in a timely, efficient and economical manner.


Laptops are now more economical than desktop computers. If you have more than one computer, they are also easier to network together wirelessly. In general, PC’s are less expensive than Apple. Be sure to buy an external hard drive so you can back up all your data.

For your wireless network getting a good router will cut down on maintenance costs. Be sure to properly secure the routers so no one outside your organization can be on your network.

I would recommend a multifunction printer (fax, scan, print, copy). I recommend using a laser printer as the cost per page is significantly lower than inkjet. If you have more than one person using the printer, a network enabled printer is your best bet. If you don’t need colour, monochrome (black and white) printers are more economical to operate.

I also recommend investing in a paper shredder. This protects you and your clients.

If you are getting a cell phone, determine if your market is local or if you will be doing a lot of long distance. Will you be texting or emailing? Do you require access to the Internet? And don’t forget to compare the plans from the different providers.

Software and Web services
Free programs
– Anti Virus – Windows Security Essentials
– MS Office compatible suite – Open Office
– PDF Creator – Primo PDF
– Online backup – Drop Box, Windows Live Mesh
– Video Conferencing and VoIP – Skype, Google Talk/Chat
– Browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE8, Opera

If you have smart phones and need shared calendars and address books, you can use Google Mail, Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 very economically.

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