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So you have a gazillion songs and even more pictures on your computer. And you have probably shared a few on FaceBook or Twitter but in reality most of them go unseen. How cool would it be if you could share your pictures, videos and music throughout your home or on your TV?

Now you could go out spend thous ands of dollars on  a  new smart TV but what if you just had to buy a little box for $100 that made your TV smart. There are different devices out on the market, Apple TV, Roku, LG Smart TV upgrader to name a few. So first of these streaming media players come with built in apps so you can stream your movies and TV shows from various sites like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and iTunes. They also have tons of other apps like games.

So imagine you are having the family over for a big celebration. What if your TV showed a slideshow of pictures throughout the night. On New Year’s Eve you could have great moments from the year playing. Your guests would enjoy it at their leisure. Not like the old family movies where everyone had to sit and watch it all at once.

Why not play your favourite music through the fabulous surround sound system. Make it a real party in your home.

A smart tv upgrader is a great media centre that is inexpensive and easy to use.