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When in doubt don’t click on the link in the email. It is most likely one of many email phishing scams. These emails are malicious and are designed to get sensitive information from your computer.pc service on site, email phishing scams, Get the Skinny,

These emails are designed to look like they came from legitimate sources. They have logos and they sound important or use scare tactics to make you think you need to click now.

We received a call from one of our senior clients the other day. He had received an email purportedly from Rogers & Yahoo about his email and that he need to update his account immediately. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to call us first. There were a couple of clues within the email that suggested it wasn’t legit. The call to action did not look great visually. Poor graphics. The wording in the email didn’t sound professional.

We were sure it was email phishing but we called Rogers to confirm for added assurance. So when in doubt call the company in question. And yes it was definitely on of many email phishing scams out there.

Some of these emails look very convincing. They often use companies that we are all familiar with: Rogers, Canada Post, UPS or Fed Ex. By using these familiar names in the email phishing scam they automatically give the recipient a feeling of false comfort.

So when in doubt do not click on the link. Do some research or call us to help you. And if you do click and problems start happening call us immediately. We will help fix it.!