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Well better late than never. I had technical difficulties. The power cord for my laptop died and I had to special order a replacement. For the most part this did not affect my ability to work because I have back ups of everything. Which is why you will often read in my Twitter feed or on Facebook to back up.

But back to the blog at h and, keeping in mind last weeks piece about download and upload, today we are going to underst and downloading vs streaming. When you download content (video, music, files) you are transferring data over the internet and storing it on your computer. You can then access that content whenever you want. Streaming is where you transfer content in real time. You must be online and the data is not saved on your computer.  When you watch you are streaming content. And of course you can use your media centre which you learned about in an earlier post for Terminology Tuesday

If you have any ideas for this blog please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you.

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