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Well that is an interesting question. And the answer is yes but…

So here is the deal Windows 10 has antivirus baked into the operating system and it does a decent job because in has Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. Computers also often come with trial versions from other software makers. My gut instinct with those is to actually uninstall them.

Depending on your needs there are more robust programs available from Bitdefender to Kaspersky. But please remember more is not necessarily better. You only need one Antivirus software running on your computer. More than one will work against you.

What most people get into trouble with now a days is malware. This usually happens because you click on something that you shouldn’t have. And its not your fault. These nasty people have become super sophisticated (some not so much) about hiding their intentions. So the only sure way not to get infected is to never connect to the internet but then your computer is really a large paper weight.

So what does this all mean: yes you should have something and the Windows 10 is a great place to start. Think you need more look beyond the free trials offered. And if you think you may have picked up some malware try downloading the free Malwarebytes tool and scan your computer.

Still not happy than call us and we can help you.

And remember when in doubt especially with an unsolicited email or pop up DON’T CLICK.