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customer service firstSo I want to share some customer stories so you will have a better idea of who we are and who our customers are. #customertales

Today’s our inaugural story and I think it is very telling about who we are as a business. Because we come to your home or small business, it is very personal to us.

We received a call from a senior client who lives in a retirement home. She wanted a new computer. She knew her budget and she wanted it sooner vs later. Because we had worked with her before we knew exactly how she uses her computer and what to shop for.

But it had been awhile since we had last seen her so we were unaware that there had been some changes in her life. Her son called us this morning to explain. We had already bought the computer and were ready to set it up. But that didn’t matter. What mattered was, that our client didn’t have the understanding to make the purchase at this time.

So no problem. No fuss No muss. We had a lovely conversation with her son. He is going to call us at his next visit and we can then go from there if appropriate.

So no we didn’t charge them anything. It doesn’t matter that we had already bought the computer. Computers can be returned. It doesn’t matter that we spent time working on getting the computer ready. What matters is that we did right by our client.

We have many senior clients who live at home or in a retirement home. They tend to like us because there is #nogeekspeak. But life has a way of changing and we are happy to do what is right.