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I did a lot of research over the last month because I wanted to get my mom an e reader for Christmas. I knew for sure that getting an iPad didn’t make sense. She was unlikely to use it for anything except reading books and she is not the kind of person to surf the net or play games.

With that in mind I decided to look an the Kindle and the Kobo. The Kindle offered a version with wifi and 3G. The Kobo only had the wifi option. The Kindle has a lot of neat features including the ability to high lite and make notes about what you are reading. A great feature for students. The Kobo doesn’t have these features but it has a very simple interface for the user.

In the end I decided to go with the Kindle because of the 3G feature. Since my mother isn’t tech savvy I didn’t wanted it to be as easy as possible for her to purchase a book at anytime. It was about $30 more for this feature but I really felt convenience more than made up for the extra cost.

Meredith Skinner