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We can’t fix every computer repair? We just can’t but if we know someone who can, we will make a warm referral and help you get the expertise you need.

PC Service On Site, computer repair Toronto, computer repair, computer repair Barrie, in home service, small business computer repair.So why I am I telling you this? Well my fence blew down in a wind storm. I reached out to a contractor I know. Someone I had worked with before and he came right away and said he would have a quote to us asap. Well that isn’t exactly what has happened. I have seen him once in person and reached out twice more for the quotation. Crickets. I am ok if he can’t help us I would just like to be told so I can search for alternative solutions.

And that is why when you call and ask about your computer repair and the answer is I am sorry I can’t help more often then not I can refer you to someone else or at the very least point you in the right direction. My credibility isn’t based solely on our achievements but on my desire to make sure our clients get the right advice.

So if your computer needs repairs and you just aren’t sure then give us a shout and ask. I promise you that we will be straight forward with you and if we can’t help we will tell you. We will not leave you hanging in limbo. Still not sure why not check out our 150 plus reviews over at HomeStars.

I had googled on site computer repair near my area and their name had popped up. Maybe 6th or 7th down the list. My problem came when Microsoft imposed their windows version 10 on my computer even though I did not want it. PC service were the only ones open before 9am. Gave them a call, they came the next day and did what they said at the price they quoted. i.e saved my data and properly installed everything a new. Thank you Peter and Merideth. I now have a regular go-to person for computer troubles. JJ in Toronto