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Back up your data? Why would you do that? Well let me tell you my story….

This is many years ago and before I was apart of PC Service On Site. I was chief cook and bottle washer for a company that exported product around the world. Everything was on my computer: accounting, legal documents, human resources, email, marketing etc.

Well I turned my laptop on and it made this popping noise, the screen went black and would not turn back on again. In that next moment, it dawned on my that I hadn’t saved any of my work in months. I could feel the panic rising from the pit of my stomach into my throat. So much work lost was all I could think. Hours and hours ahead of me trying to recreate my work. Lots hours to what should be for building my business. I felt so sick to my stomach and stupid.

But I was lucky. My hard drive was intact and a wonderful computer repair guy was able to set me up on a new computer and transfer over my data. So lucky. But until I knew for sure he was able to get my data I was a mess of frustration.

To back up your data is easy and relatively inexpensive for most of us. You can choose to use a thumb drive or an external hard drive or even set up a back up system to another computer system. You can also use Cloud services to back up your data. To learn more about your options and what would work best for you, please call us to chat.