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If Only There Was A Help Button

Don’t lie. We have all done it. We put our heart and soul into a document, project, a scrap book and then we are pulled away from the computer and something happens. Its gone. Just gone. Perhaps the cat walked across the keyboard. It doesn’t matter its gone because your forgot to save your work. I can hear the cursing.

Now imagine you have saved diligently but something catastrophic happens to your computer. All your files are gone or corrupted. That cursing just got so much louder.

So how do you avoid this. Back up your computer regularly. There are many ways to do this. You can have a home server that is set up to back up your computer at a specified time. You can manually save key files on an external hard drive. You can save it on another computer on your network. You can save it to the cloud.

Whatever method you choose just do it. And if you need help just call and we can help.