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Does asking for computer help or help of any kind cause you to feel off? The reason I am asking is because I find sometimes I won’t ask for help and I struggle through trying to figure it out on my own. Sometimes the learning is important and necessary and sometimes asking for help and resolving the issue quickly has far more value to me. Why? Because my time has real value. I can’t be something for everyone and do everything. I have a Masters in Finance but I sure don’t do my taxes. I am not up on all the latest when it comes to tax law. I find the language used in tax forms infuriating. It would take me countless hours to figure it out and I still wouldn’t have the confidence I didn’t miss something. So I pay an accountant. Worth every penny.

PC Service On Site is designed around that kind of understanding. Where your time has a tremendous amount of value. And it makes more¬† sense to ask for computer help then to try and figure it out yourself. We received a call from a small contracting business last week. They have some issues with their computers and need a computer tune up among other things. The owner has a friend who is great with computers and has helped them in the past. But they have to take the computers to his location. The travel time is between 30 to 45 minutes to the friend’s location. The computer has to be left there until ready. And then once the computer is ready repeat the travel back and forth. When the contractor called us for computer help he stated out right it was because his time had greater value than transporting the computer back and forth.

We are a concierge service that specializes in residential and small business computer repair. And when you ask for computer help, we understand that your time has enormous value. Recently I met the founder of K + A Personal Concierge and it reminded me again the importance of asking for help. We just can’t do everything. And yet we forget to ask or we just don’t feel great about asking for help. When I really looked at my life I realize I ask for help all the time. Often it is a paid service. They provide a service I can’t or am not willing to do because the value lies in hiring them versus my taking the time to figure it out.

So I encourage you to go ahead and ask for help. Computer help, help with your taxes, running errands etc. Whatever it may be its ok to ask help. And remember there are no embarrass questions.